“With a predicted production requirement of 35,000 commercial airplanes between 2014 and 2032, it is imperative that manufacturers update their processes to accommodate the predicted demand.”

The boost in air travel demand also necessitates an increase in aircraft production. Manufacturing parts and assembly require a degree of precision and a stricter attention to detail. It also requires that the various equipments used for production be in sync to meet production demand in the shortest possible time. This puts the burden on aircraft manufacturers, but how far are they willing to go to achieve this goal?

There are a number of ways manufacturers can go about it. One would be to simply increase the manpower and machines used for production—which is the current setup of most manufacturers. But the smarter way would be to use newer technology to make the work easier. Automation offers manufacturers an efficient solution for improving manufacturing and assembly processes.

The Value of Automation

Thanks to advancements in technology, many processes can be automated to maximize production efficiencies. Here are some of the reasons why automation is important:

  • Accuracy

Most processes require a certain level of precision such as drilling rivet holes on, affixing fasteners, and painting the fuselage. Robotics is the perfect solution for this.

  • Cost efficiency

Automation helps increase production and quality. There is no longer a need for increased manpower and production mistakes will be greatly reduced.

  • Time savings

The faster an airplane is assembled, the faster it can be used for service.

  • Productivity

Automation will improve productivity and reduce the number of man hours put into production, allowing manufacturers to support any future demands.

  • Safety

Automation is also important for the airplanes’ quality control and maintenance program.

The manufacture and assembly of airplanes demands consistency and quality—and automation can deliver that. Technologies like Automation, Analytics, and advances in process design can be harnessed to help manufacturers improve their overall efficiency.


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