Configuration Management

Control Effectivity, Interchangeability, and Intermixability.

Leverage native configuration controls to ensure requests are always within allowable configuration, including effectivity, interchangeability, and intermixability.

The EmpowerMX Configuration Management module implements configuration controls to ensure your fleet configuration is continuously maintained in accordance with applicable standards. Using approved documentation, EmpowerMX’s Configuration Management module places controls on configuration related transactions, including:

Asset/Part Requests

Part Picking

Part Issues

Part Installations

Part Swaps/Robs

EmpowerMX’s Configuration Management module works seamlessly with Line, Heavy, or Shop Maintenance environments, and ensures that Next Higher Assembly (NHA) and Next Lower Assembly (NLA) configuration requirements are met, as well as:

Aircraft Effectivity

Fleet Type Effectivity

Interchangeability with Currently Installed Parts

Conditional Mixability Rules

Benefits of EmpowerMX Configuration Management

Using EmpowerMX’s Configuration Management module, users can instantly evaluate relevant material, and alternate part numbers. This quickly eliminates part numbers that are not applicable to the current aircraft configuration and highlights what parts are on-hand.

The EmpowerMX Configuration Management module will help users to:

Maximize Operational Readiness

Reduce operating and material costs.

Define configuration based on NHA, NLA, and same-level installed Parts, ensuring that the correct configuration is quickly and easily determined.

Features of EmpowerMX Configuration Management

Reduce Aircraft Downtime

Prevent non-effective parts from being ordered or picked to fulfill specific requirements so that you can be mission-capable faster.

Avoid Unapproved Configurations

Leverage native configuration control to prevent unapproved configurations from being installed.

Define Functional Relationships

Quickly and easily define the NHA and NLA structures for complex systems.

Apply Conditional Requirements

Apply conditional interchangeability statements while making decisions to eliminate non-effective parts.

Better Alternate Choices

Use the allowable configuration to make faster, effective part choices.

Integrate Functionality

Integrate with other EmpowerMX modules to improve functionality and automate user inputs.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.