Supply Chain Management

Streamline Resource Flow and improve Inventory Availability.

EmpowerMX Maintenance Planning for Operational Excellence & Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency

Detailed sourcing contracts and customized process flows, now enhanced by EMX Vision's AI engine, streamline your procurement, while comprehensive inventory controls provide precise real-time visibility for your inventory.

The EmpowerMX Material Manager module, further strengthened by EMX Vision's predictive algorithms, offers an all-inclusive solution for Order, Contract, and Inventory Management for your airline. While enabling superior resource flow management, the Material Manager, with EMX Vision's AI-backed analytics, ensures optimal cost savings. It does this by refining the sourcing and ordering processes, fine-tuning inventory levels, and enhancing turn rates. The integration of advanced Planning, Forecasting, and Automatic Replenishment features, powered by EMX Vision, guarantees the sustained operational readiness of your fleet, with more accuracy and foresight than ever before.

EmpowerMX’s Material Manager enhances Procurement process with:

Detailed material contracts with preferred suppliers, contracted pricing, and automatic approvals

Automatic request consolidation and ordering

Usage, allocation, and replenishment trigger calculations

The EmpowerMX Material Manager provides a comprehensive list of Inventory Management features, such as:

Real-time Inventory Transactions and Visibility

Inventory Consignment Management

Inventory & Tooling Kitting – OEM, Vendor, or Operator Assembled

Inventory Storage Controls, including Hazardous Material, Shelf Life, and Bin Controls

Quarantine and Returns

Physical Inventory Accuracy Counts

Mobile Inventory Transactions and Paperless Solutions

Barcode and RFID Support

Benefits of EmpowerMX Supply Chain Management

This gives users the ability to:

Streamline sourcing and ordering, allowing users to combine requests into single orders, customize and automate approval workflows, and set triggers for automatic replenishment.

Reduce costs through efficient ordering and allocation, improving inventory turnover and availability

Control inventory in real time from the worksite with mobile transactions and paperless solutions.

Features of EmpowerMX Supply Chain Management

Real-Time Inventory

View up-to-date inventory as transactions happen, see where your Inventory is right now.

Improve Availability

Physical inventory controls and real-time transactions ensure inventory is there when you need it.

Improve Inventory Turnover

Allocation and replenishment triggers improve efficiency and reduce order cycle times.

Cost Reduction

Improve inventory turnover, streamline and automate sourcing, increase cost efficiency while carrying less inventory.

Mobile Solutions

Bring the system with you, allowing real-time transactions and bypassing the need to return to a workstation for the next task.

Customized Process Flows

Create customized sourcing and approval flows based on contracted terms to automate sourcing and improve order times.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.