Electronic Log Book

Access real-time log entries where you need them.

EmpowerMX eLog Book for Real-Time Aircraft Insights and Management

eLog Book, backed by EMX Vision's AI capabilities, gives you an advanced view of your aircraft's status, anticipating discrepancies even before they occur, thus eliminating delays in reporting and enhancing communication accuracy.

Leverage the EmpowerMX eLog Book, now enhanced with the predictive prowess of EMX Vision, to seamlessly integrate your aircraft with your maintenance system. This synergy not only allows real-time entry and alerting of discrepancies as they unfold but also predicts possible maintenance requirements based on historical and real-time data. As a result, you're empowered to respond proactively, ensuring a swifter and more efficient return of your aircraft to service.

Benefits of EmpowerMX Electronic Log Book

Available as a stand-alone application or as part of the EmpowerMX suite, eLog Book allows users to:

Quickly diagnose issues with direct feedback from crews and focus your troubleshooting and repair efforts to reduce out of service time.

Reduce Crew Log Book review time, allowing them to quickly review past defects, open items, active deferrals and restrictions, and current airworthiness status.

Eliminate dual data entry and scanning, and ensure entries aren’t missed in your records as part of a true digital environment.

Work defects while connected to the system or in offline mode when connections aren’t available.

Electronically return aircraft to service, ensuring that documentation is correct as it’s being completed.

Features of EmpowerMX Electronic Log Book

Reduce Document Errors

Ensure documentation is correct as it’s being entered with electronic return to service.

Reduce Out-of-Service Time

Get information about your aircraft faster and more accurately, to troubleshoot and return aircraft to service earlier.

Real-Time Log Entries

Live communication between aircraft log book and ground systems ensures that your maintenance teams are ready and waiting.

Reduce Data Entry

Eliminate paper log books and the electronic data entry and scanning that goes along with them.

Avoid Communication Errors

Allow maintenance control to see exactly what the crew has written rather than relying only on verbal reports.

Crew Time Savings

Reduce time needed for crew to review and accept aircraft by giving them the information they need right at their fingertips.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.