Heavy Maintenance

Plan and manage your heavy maintenance environment.

Optimize Heavy Maintenance Operations with EmpowerMX Production Manager

EmpowerMX Production Manager takes your heavy maintenance to the next level with digital work steps and sign offs as well as detailed production schedules and status reports. Now, with EMX Vision, your production manager can be automated, and predict potential roadblocks based on past data.

The Production Manager module from EmpowerMX is an all-in-one tool to plan and execute your heavy maintenance. Take advantage of electronic task cards with automatic time tracking, readily accessible reference material, automatic predraw material and tooling, and electronic signatures all available right from the aircraft with full mobile functionality.

Create detailed production schedules with milestones and task groups to ensure you always know where you are in the workflow. Customize work schedules and skill assignments to ensure your crews are where they need to be to keep the maintenance visit progressing, while integrated material and tooling requests ensure you have visibility into the resources needed to finish the job. Utilize comprehensive status reports and dashboards to see timelines and anticipated issues, as well as trending information on key project metrics.

Production Manager is powered by EMX Vision, our AI engine that helps your digital workflows gain real-time accuracy, manage / resolve potential roadblocks by analyzing past history and internal / external data, and predict manpower specific to the aircraft being serviced.

Your MRO operations can gain tremendous efficiency, increase throughput, and meet turn-around schedules confidently with Empower MX Production Manager powered by EMX Vision

Benefits of EmpowerMX Heavy Maintenance

EmpowerMX’s Production Manager module provides:

Detailed production control features, with the ability to control execution schedule, manpower, and material resource allocation

Integrated digital solutions that streamline workflow, eliminate paper mess, track progress and time, and bring all the work right to the aircraft

Monitoring of plan vs. performance through comprehensive dashboards and status reports that cover all aspects of the heavy maintenance environment

Electronic signatures and verifications of technician qualifications to ensure your maintenance program stays regulatorily compliant

Features of EmpowerMX Heavy Maintenance

Production Control

Manage all aspects of production, from schedule, to manpower, to material.

Ensure Work is Staged

Fully integrated solutions let you see when all conditions are met to start working.

Mobile Solutions

Ensure Maintenance Personnel have full functionality no matter where they are with seamless mobile integration.

Work Digitally

Electronic Task Cards and Signatures speed work up by eliminating paper mess as well as giving users clear next steps.

Monitor Performance

Dashboards and reports give you unparalleled visibility into live and projected performance to plan.

Leverage Automation

Customizable workflows let you manage approval chains as well as automate material predraw.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.