Digital Data Connect

Seamlessly connect your existing data and systems.

EmpowerMX creates digital connections with your existing data and systems to ensure you experience seamless integration and data migration into new systems.

Using experience gained through years of data migration and integration, EmpowerMX Digital Data Connect creates new connections with your existing data. Connect your systems using our suite of Spec5000 compliant APIs to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) data in batches or real-time depending on your needs. Existing systems can be readily integrated with EmpowerMX modules or independently to create new opportunities using new systems and features.


Digital Connections don’t have to be hard EmpowerMX helps to:

Connect data real time or in batches.

Migrate data quickly and securely.

Seamlessly connect and integrate systems independently or with EmpowerMX modules.

Integrate outside your ecosystem by connecting with vendor or customer systems.


Connect Real-Time

Integrate your data real-time between systems and never miss the opportunity to act on it.

Migrate Securely

Securely migrate your data between systems, ensuring no loss or corruption.

Integrate New Systems

Create connections between your existing systems or create connections to new systems.

Create New Opportunities

Use your existing data with other systems to create new insights and more opportunities.

Break Down Silos

Allow your data to feed other systems and improve collaboration between systems.

Integrate with Customers & Vendors

Make useful connections with your customers and vendors, get real-time data on what matters to you.

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