Support Shops

Manage complex shop activities from plan to completion.

The comprehensive Support Shops module allows you to plan, allocate, and execute shop activities, providing real-time updates on maintenance status, and forecasting impacts to operational readiness.

Use the EmpowerMX Support Shops module to run all of your repair shop operations. Take control of simple or complex repair schemes, including multiple sub-assembly components, with detailed sub-assembly tracking and repair plans. Resource planning controlled at the work order level ensures the necessary materials and tooling are ready by the time your work starts using task-driven automatic requests.

Take your work to the next level with electronic task cards, automatic documentation, and customized workflows, all right at your fingertips through your mobile devices.

Return to service is made quick and easy with electronic documentation of findings, work accomplished, detailed asset composition controls, and electronic signatures ensure that your assets are always in the correct configuration.

Reduce turn times by monitoring shop activities in real-time with detailed component readiness dashboards, highlighting real-time stats for all of your shop’s work orders. Drill down to individual work steps and material requests to see what might impact work or expand your view to include multiple shops and stations and see how your system is performing. Ensure work progresses as planned or allow your teams to adapt on the fly to address potential impacts and your return your assets to service.

Forecast production schedules and manpower demand to ensure your shop is always production-ready. By integrating with the rest of EmpowerMX, you can incorporate your fleet data and maintenance program to plan for future shop visits.

Benefits of EmpowerMX Support Shops

Using the EmpowerMX Support Shops module to operate your shops will:

Reduce turnaround times, increasing inventory availability and streamlining maintenance activities.

Reduce downtime by forecasting needs earlier and requesting necessary parts and tools faster and easier.

Increase visibility to shop activities, allowing your team to make informed decisions on the best course of action.

Features of EmpowerMX Support Shops

Complex Repairs

Manage complex assemblies, disassemble, route sub-components individually, and reassemble all within one work order.

Electronic Task Cards

Document work steps, findings, and work accomplished electronically, to quickly and easily print work packages and teardown reports.

Real-Time Monitoring

Live component readiness and material request dashboards provide visibility of production and potential disruptions.

Improve Turnaround Time

Visualize work stoppages before they happen to mitigate them and keep the shop moving.

Mobile Solutions

Bring the system with you, allowing real-time transactions and bypassing the need to return to a workstation for the next task.

Customized Process Flows

Quickly and easily route repairs where they need to go, insert, remove, or restart flows, or route another shop.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.