Aircraft Records

Securely manage all your aircraft documents.

EmpowerMX manages your Aircraft Records digitally, with secure storage and uploading, and fast access to your information when you need it.

EmpowerMX’s digital solutions for eLog Book, discrepancy and non-routine reporting and signoff, task cards, and electronic signatures ensure that your records are handled digitally from start to finish. Producing customizable, clean, and verifiable documents, EmpowerMX’s Aircraft Records will allow you to focus more on the work than the paperwork.

Benefits of EmpowerMX Aircraft Records

Electronic records of all system transactions and work steps as well as uploaded documents are maintained so that you can accurately track and report on:

Task, Modification, Service Bulletin, and Airworthiness Directive Compliance

Aircraft Discrepancy and Resolution Logs

Component Airworthiness and Teardown Documentation

Features of EmpowerMX Aircraft Records

Secure Records

Whether generated by the system or uploaded, your documents are always secure.

Reduce Data Entry

Starting with digital documents and signatures means no more data entry or scanning.

Access Documents Anywhere

With full mobile solutions, your documents are accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Customize Documents

Customize the look and feel of digital documents produced by the system so they meet your needs.

Focus on the Work

Manage paperwork automatically so that your teams can focus on the work rather than the paperwork.

Track Compliance

Quickly and easily track and report on compliance from within the system.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.