Efficiently plan maintenance events with minimal yield loss, quickly develop schedules, and visualize future needs

The EmpowerMX Planning module uses automation to assist in planning maintenance events quickly and efficiently, minimizing necessary user inputs. The Planning module uses uploaded data to create the baseline information needed for a schedule to be built. Using uploaded data, the system will automatically generate a schedule of events based on the specific constraints and goals of the user.

EmpowerMX’s Planning module will optimize a schedule to prioritize:

Planning to the maximum desired yield

Planning with the fewest number of lines/slots

Ensuring no due dates are exceeded


This gives users the ability to:

Efficiently plan events with minimal yield loss, reducing the total amount of scheduled work and associated costs over the life of an asset.

Quickly develop schedules, providing the opportunity to evaluate multiple options based on varying parameters, allowing the user to choose the schedule that best fits.

Visualize future needs, allowing issues to be addressed prior to finalizing a schedule and subsequently impacting operations.


Maximize Yield

Leverage the maximum average yield across your schedules.

Improve Availability

Design schedules that prioritize availability right from the start.

Protect Drop Dead Dates

Ensure schedules maintain visibility of expiring tasks and protect your operation by planning accordingly.

Choose What’s Right for You

Design schedules with varying parameters and customizations to choose what meets your needs.

Visualize Constraints

Graphically view schedules to quickly identify issues and resource constraints.

Integrate Functionality

Integrate with other EmpowerMX modules to improve functionality and automate user inputs.