Optimize your planning capabilities.

EmpowerMX® Planning Manager is used for all heavy, line and shop maintenance activities and utilizes all resource data with skills and current training records along with facility capabilities. It is included in the EmpowerMX® XP, XM, LM and SM solutions—designed to ensure aircraft are fully airworthy and maintained in line with maintenance programs.

Plan and forecast your maintenance schedule based on your aircraft configuration, maintenance program and any deferred items.

Key Aspects:

  • Production Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Contract Management Forecasting
  • Heavy/Line/Gate/Shop Planning
  • Work Optimization
  • BOW Management/Pricing
  • Templates and Standards
  • Materials/Tooling Planning
  • BOW Analysis
  • Financial and Budget Planning
  • Short and Long-range Planning

Core Benefits:

  • Optimized forecasting
  • Clear visibility by Company, Hangar, Bay or Workshop
  • Compliance with maintenance and program requirements
  • Creation and analysis of multiple strategic maintenance plan scenarios
  • Assistance in the selection of optimum strategic maintenance plan
Cloud capability

Mobile app (iOS and Android)

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.