From production control to efficiency solutions for the world’s largest airlines, MRO, and defense, learn how we’ve evolved as we adapt to the dynamic industry.

In 1999, EmpowerMX launched its first software solution, focused on production control. Since then, EmpowerMX has grown significantly, moving from that first product launch to a robust set of software tools that are used by the world’s largest airlines and MROs.

And though we’ve moved from Duluth to Dallas, we remember our roots and expertise as we evolve as a company. In recognition of those roots, we are adopting the name of one of Minnesota’s lakes, Itasca, for the name of our current release. We’ve spent the last two decades listening to mechanics, leads, supervisors, and base leadership in order to fine tune our existing products and expand our portfolio of offerings where they add true value to customers.

Building on the foundation of production control, we’ve added new products that enable ultimate mechanic efficiency, such as Electronic Task Cards and Electronic Logbook. We’ve focused on our Production Manager module, that enables customers to optimize manpower and adjust critical path to improve delivery schedules. As we’ve implemented at major airlines, we’ve become industry leaders in integration, allowing our products to fit seamlessly into customers’ existing software solutions Taking advantage of the latest in mobile and cloud, while still supporting traditional desktop and in-house infrastructure, our latest software enables our customers to access information where they need it most.


What's important to us individually speaks volumes about us collectively

They do not change from time to time, situation to situation, or person to person, and form the essence of our corporate culture. By staying true to our seven core values, the trust our customers have in us as a business partner, and the trust we have in each other, as individuals embraced in realizing our vision and achieving our mission, will always prevail.


We embrace change to promote positive growth and development for us and our customers.


We bring a “can do” attitude to everything we do.


Our customers are our most important stakeholders and are the lifeblood of our business.


We will act as promised, but if we cannot, we provide timely notice and clearly articulate the reasons why.


We challenge the status quo and regularly ask if there is a better way.


We take time to consider the perspectives and feeling of others in our actions and decisions.


We actively support the development of open, effective, and timely communication throughout our organization.


To report concerns about our business practices, you can send an anonymous email to:


Refined and focused aircraft-maintenance and
IT skills target your business success

Our technical and non-technical competencies stem from our origins as an aircraft maintenance industry-inspired software development startup owned and operated by aircraft maintenance industry experts. Since then, we have surrounded our aircraft maintenance specialists with the IT experts that have allowed us to mature and focus on supporting only the aircraft maintenance industry.


Fixated on crafting the solutions to ensure your business success

Dinakara Nagalla

President and Chief Executive Officer

Myles Nichols

Chief Operating Officer

Hugh Revie

Vice President, EMEA Sales

Chandra Ghatti

VP Product Operations

Viji Vidyadharan

VP Product Development

Srinivas Challa

VP Cloud Services & Integrations

Don Grimm

VP of Operations

Richard Eads


Michael Messer

Vice President, Finance

Levi Schmidt

Managing Director, Customer Excellence

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.