In the aviation industry, speed, preciseness, and efficiency are crucial. Aircraft operators should strategize how to prevent a domino of delays that can negatively impact their business. They should be nimble and quick to formulate decisions and implement actions. Without real-time access to data, this can be impossible.

Real-time access to data is particularly crucial in aircraft maintenance because MRO activities are the major bottleneck in aviation. The longer the aircraft stays on the ground for maintenance, the greater the wastes and the higher the costs.

By enabling real-time access to actionable data, you can optimize MRO activities and deliver better and faster services. You will be able to see live aircraft status, proactively and strategically plan and execute maintenance activities, check milestones and progress, and minimize delays.

How to enable real-time access to actionable data

To enable real-time data, you should bring your data to the Cloud and use a reliable cloud-based MRO software that helps you easily turn data into real-time intelligence.

Send data to the Cloud.

Data that is still on paper and stored in physical storage can’t be always available and accessible. MRO activities can be made more efficient — and environment-friendly — if you go paperless. However, if you store digitized data in siloed on-premise databases, you won’t be able to maximize its value. You need to digitize data and store it in the Cloud, so you can access it remotely and in real-time, wherever you are.

Aside from data or documents, you should also bring your workloads, processes, and applications to the Cloud. Using Cloud, you can build digital twins of your physical assets, optimize analytics, enable remote collaborations, and proactively mitigate risks.

Invest in a reliable cloud-based MRO software.

To maximize the benefits of migrating your MRO processes to the Cloud, you need to invest in a cloud-based MRO software that allows you to quickly and easily turn data into actionable intelligence.

Take EmpowerMX’s MRO software, for example. EmpowerMX’s MRO software eliminates inefficiencies in your operations by allowing you to shift away from the traditional way of doing tasks —  including the over-reliance on paper in logs, task cards, and maintenance schedules. It enables you to streamline MRO operations by providing you with increased visibility on day-to-day tasks, as well as insight into inventory trends and forecasts. It gives you greater flexibility and control so you can keep downtimes to a minimum, while speeding up maintenance.

Success Story

Businesses that leveraged EmpowerMX’s MRO software were able to reap unparalleled benefits. Coopesa, for one, was able to go from effective to efficient after implementing EmpowerMX’s MRO software.

In this case study, Walter Ching, Director Operations / COO at Coopesa shared why they chose cloud-based MRO software and how it helped them revolutionize their MRO processes.

They wanted to implement an MRO software solution to move away from being production-driven and become a planning-driven organization. They also thought that it would empower staff with key data, measure their performance, and improve accountability. This initiative would also allow them to set the path for going paperless and increase business efficiency.

After the implementation, Coopesa was able to reduce the pre-planning process by 70%. It also optimized customer approval of non-routine manhours, reducing wasted time by 94%, and non-routine paperwork errors by 42%. The MEO software implementation also helped them manage task cards more efficiently, and empower the staff with mobile capabilities, which significantly increased productivity.

You can also reap the same benefits — or more — if you migrate your data and processes to the Cloud and use EmpowerMX’s robust cloud-based MRO software.

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