The aviation industry has been using legacy operating systems to “keep the lights on” for a long time. This is the norm. They continue to accumulate siloed information from different sources, such as sensor data from aircraft and mechanics, maintenance planning information, and content data from paper and PDF task cards and records.

However, unexpected events can happen anytime, which may force the aviation MRO companies to have limited access to their paper-based data and legacy applications. In stark contrast, companies who started their journey towards a paperless system can survive this easily.

Digitalization is a critical move towards the paperless system. MRO companies can disrupt operations if they do not adopt new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twin, and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Digital is the way to go

The industry’s over-reliance on paper aircraft logs and maintenance records costs billions of dollars. It also makes it more difficult to manage operations and aggravates operational and technical inefficiencies. To future-proof the MRO landscape, companies must adopt digital platforms and new-normal practices.

Remote digital inspections

Some MRO operations, such as maintenance, repairs, and inspections, can be halted in case of travel restrictions. But thanks to digital applications such as AR/VR, and live video feeds, remote maintenance and inspections are now possible.

Remote MRO training

MRO organizations use smart glasses, heads-up displays, and VR simulations to improve training, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Remote regulatory visits

The regulatory landscape quickly adapts to changes as regulators have embraced remote technologies to validate and perform critical activities.

Remote support and troubleshooting

AR/VR applications are speeding MRO operations. Operators can report on and perform repairs quickly using wearable or mobile devices.

Many MRO companies are now implementing remote work setup. More than ever, it is now more applicable to use e-signatures to help authenticate electronic correspondence and records sent across extended repair stations. E-signature will remain critical to aviation MRO companies. Moreover, as regulatory bodies have amended the requirements to favor remote technology adoption, MRO organizations will be more comfortable replacing physical signatures with electronic records and an e-signature.

Digitalization is inevitable. Soon, many companies across various sectors worldwide will leverage digital platforms in addition to a paperless system. EmpowerMX provides a complete suite of modular digital MRO solutions designed to work in mobile and desk environments.

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