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EmpowerMX, the leading cloud digital platform for MRO operations, is delighted to welcome you to this webinar on aviation industry recovery in the post-pandemic world. For those who can’t attend our live session, we’ll provide a recording.

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The aviation industry has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic due to travel restrictions, country-wide lockdowns, and just general fear. But one thing the aviation industry knows is how to recover — and recover big.

Join us at our upcoming webinar as a panel of aviation industry experts dive into critical discussion points about actions airlines, MRO’s and suppliers can take in the near term that will position them for success as the industry recovers.

The panel will discuss the following questions and more:

• How will a changing fleet mix and returning grounded aircraft impact MRO, and for how long?
• What will be the impact on maintenance schedules and costs?
• There are a lot of articles and discussions on increasing efficiency in all facets of operations – is that practical, and how will it be achieved?
• What will be the subsequent effects on suppliers and the supply chain?
• COVID inadvertently helped solve pending shortages in key work forces, mechanics. What does the supply look like for the short, medium, and long term?
• What role will digitization, supply chain network automation, paperless operations play in their overall strategy as MROs look to navigate the post-COVID world?

The panel includes
Rick Uber, Delta Airlines
Jonathan Berger, Alton Aviation Consultancy
Frase Currie, JORAMCO

Dinakara Nagalla
Jim Strugis
Phil Bathurst

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