Line Maintenance

Enhance your out of service preparation and response

Line Manager provides your entire organization with the resources and tools to minimize out of service time and get your customers back in the air.

EmpowerMX’s Line Manager module allows for effective control of both scheduled and unscheduled line operations. Utilize Line Manager’s digital framework for assigning work and tracking progress to always know what’s going on in your operation. Use robust inventory integrations to ensure updated production plans are in place and material and tooling are on hand at the right time. Line Manager’s mobile solutions bring all the necessary information and transactions planeside and right to your crews, keeping them where the action is. Track detailed requests from creation, through sourcing and delivery, all the way to the aircraft.

Remotely assign crews to meet and work inbound aircraft, giving them advance visibility of incoming issues, scheduled tasks, and parts & tooling requirements. Once the aircraft arrives, troubleshooting and corrective action starts immediately, allowing you to monitor their requests and progress through real-time dashboards with built in time tracking to ensure you have accurate return to service information. Crews can work directly from the aircraft to access electronic task cards, digitally sign work, review aircraft defects and deferrals, and access reference materials right from the work site. When crews are finished, they update work packages, aircraft airworthiness, and readiness all before they leave the aircraft.

Benefits of EmpowerMX Line Maintenance

EmpowerMX’s Line Manager module helps to:

Validate your teams are prepared to work aircraft before the work starts, and ensure they have the necessary tools to adapt to the situation.

Prepare for out of service aircraft and eliminate the need to leave the work site to request parts and tooling or gather new references, drastically reducing the time to return an aircraft to service.

Communicate aircraft status and work progress real-time throughout your organization, ensuring Maintenance Control and Dispatch are always kept up-to-date on aircraft.

Features of EmpowerMX Line Maintenance

Track Work Progress

Ensure documentation is correct as it’s being entered with electronic return to service.

Reduce Out of Service Time

Get information about your aircraft faster and more accurately to prepare, troubleshoot, and return aircraft to service earlier.

Mobile Solutions

Ensure Maintenance Personnel have full functionality no matter where they are with seamless mobile integration.

Work Digitally

Electronic Task Cards and Signatures speed work up by eliminating paper mess as well as giving users clear next steps.

Avoid Communication Errors

Allow Supervisors and Maintenance Control to see what the aircraft status is directly from the on-site personnel.

Manpower Savings

Reduce or eliminate the need for crew to travel back and forth to the job site, allowing them to complete more work steps.

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.