Digital transformation created a paradigm shift across all sectors in the aviation industry. It is not just about software modernization or cloud migration, but taking a new perspective on how airline companies can leverage the latest software and hardware into their workflows to create seamless experiences for their customers and stakeholders, generate more value, and work more efficiently.

Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital disruption is a major threat to any business. To stay afloat in this highly competitive environment, airline companies must revolutionize their operations with existing and emerging digital innovations.


An Accenture report estimates that digitalization in aviation will generate an additional $305 billion of value for the industry over the next decade. This is due to various personalization strategies aimed at creating a seamless passenger experience. From using biometrics for check-ins to mobile apps for booking flights and in-flight meal ordering, various nascent technologies are on the rise which can help the aviation industry unlock their full commercial potential.

Data Collaboration

Airlines are known for their immense and overly complex operations, as well as their collections of massive amounts of operational, situational, and passenger data. But most of its data sits in silos across the organization, which hinders real-time data access and limits smooth collaboration across multiple teams, functions, and various physical locations. By utilizing business intelligence and analytics tools and machine learning, airline companies can successfully extract powerful insights that can empower their teams to function better and make better decisions.

Operational Efficiency 

According to the World Airport Traffic Forecasts annual report, the global air traffic will reach 19.7 billion by 2040. With passenger numbers doubling over time, most airlines will reach their capacity and will find it hard to scale up to meet the demand. Capacity issues can lead to turnaround delays, which can result in stranded and frustrated passengers. Taking advantage of advanced technologies to drive operational efficiencies can significantly help in areas such as passenger processing, aircraft turnaround, and airport management. 

Of course, full digital transformation comes at a steep price. While some airline companies spend a record of $50 billion on improving the passenger experience, others have yet to invest in developing their digital identity. 

Take the Modular Approach

Airline companies can avoid budget constraints by utilizing a modular approach to digital transformation. A modular approach can minimize risks by gradually upgrading your legacy infrastructure one system at a time. With modular digital transformation, airline companies can:

  • utilize existing core services while transforming the entire system
  • expect minimal and isolated workflow interruptions
  • capitalize on a “plug-and-play” digital solution
  • expect faster results
  • benefit from reduced overhead costs

Partner with an Industry Expert

While modular digital transformation is less complex than full IT transformation, it is crucial to select the best partner that can provide the right digital solution for your company. By partnering with an industry expert, you can be assured of tailored solutions based on industry trends, as well as your unique requirements.

EmpowerMX is a leading provider of cloud-based software platform that is designed to accelerate digital adoption in the Airline, MRO, and Defense establishments. The following are EmpowerMX’s proven modular solutions:

Manpower Planning module

This module uses automation to align manpower with your production schedule, so you can quickly and efficiently plan your teams while minimizing necessary user inputs.

Production Manager module

This module is an all-in-one tool to plan and execute your heavy maintenance, allowing you to take advantage of automation for more streamlined workflows and unparalleled visibility into live and projected performance to plan.

Material Manager module

This module provides a complete solution for Order, Contract, and Inventory Management to achieve uninterrupted production schedules.

Support Shops module

This module allows you to plan, allocate, and execute shop activities, providing real-time updates on production status and forecasting impacts to return to service.

Let EmpowerMX help you digitally transform your business while minimizing risks by utilizing the above modular solutions. Talk to our experts today!

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.