In 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration released a new policy statement on “the use of remote technology that is applicable for designees conducting certain inspection and test witnessing activities.” The policy gives information on the application of remote technology to carry out prototype conformity inspections, engineering and ground tests, compliance inspections, production conformity inspections, and inspections for the issuance of an Authorized Release Certificate. The FAA has determined that the performance of certain inspections and tests using remote technology can:

  • Be more cost-effective
  • Improve certification timeliness
  • Reduce FAA and industry resource burdens

As easy as it may sound, airlines and MRO providers may still fall short in navigating this labyrinth. On one hand, such virtual inspections — involving quality inspectors, maintenance team, as well as anyone tasked with inspecting and auditing assets and operations — can be done via meeting software and websites like Zoom, Team Meeting, or Skype. On the other hand, remote inspections also entail the use of software applications where tracked communication and documentation must take place. This is where the need for cloud-based MRO software is drawn upon.

Benefits of Implementing Cloud-based MRO Software

From a high-level perspective, a cloud-based MRO software application enables airline MROs to seamlessly track where equipment and parts are — a very important feat in the socially distanced environment we’ve been living in. It allows quality inspectors, maintenance teams, as well as anyone tasked with inspecting and auditing assets and operations to:

  • Share the findings on remote inspections
  • Describe needed corrective actions and recommendations
  • Document results for internal use (which is also necessary as compliance evidence)
  • Document through videos and pictures
  • Organize virtual audits
  • Schedule future inspections

Overall, implementing cloud-based MRO software can improve the efficiency of aircraft safety inspections, enabling safety inspections to take place in a shorter time. It also eliminates the need for inspectors to travel from site to site, hence increasing their availability — which can be used for examining further potential safety issues reported by FAA-certified mechanics.

Enabling Remote Inspection with EmpowerMX MRO Software

In the new normal, implementing remote inspection technologies has become crucial for MRO companies to progress. EmpowerMX lets you streamline your MRO operations by giving you increased visibility on day-to-day tasks, as well as insight into inventory trends and forecasts. With better control and flexibility, you can keep your downtimes to a minimum, and your fleets up in the air. EmpowerMX’s MRO software has revolutionized aircraft maintenance by enabling the following features:

  • Data gathering, compilation, and management
  • Real-time monitoring of labor, inventory, and other critical metrics
  • Insightful analytics on inventory capacity and demand trends
  • Better management for more timely delivery of projects

All these features lead to more seamless operations, better responsiveness during crises, enhanced maintenance planning, and minimal costly delays. With EmpowerMX, you get access to various Cloud-based and remote inspection technology solutions that will help you optimize your operations and leverage your investments’ full potential. Learn more at

EmpowerMX delivers a software suite dedicated to help airlines and MROs plan, execute, and optimize their operations. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss how you can benefit from our solutions.