FleetCycle® has been designed to assist airlines and maintenance companies in the management of their assets including managing and satisfying maintenance requirements, planning and recording maintenance actions, and providing consistent data for reporting and analysis.

The FleetCycle® Software Suite is modular with any aspect able to operate independently or in conjunction with other FleetCycle® modules or integrate with other 3rd party software.

EmpowerMX is proud to announce the introduction of the following:

  • Electronic Task Cards – Electronic signature allowing mechanics to sign-off real time from any hand-held tablet or phone.
  • Electronic Logbook – Enable pilot write up and mechanic trouble shooting from any tablet.
  • Integration Service Bus – Connect your systems using our aviation maintenance suite of Spec5000-compliant interfaces (API)
  • Mobile & Cloud – Access FleetCycle® on any mobile device and our cloud infrastructure to lower your IT costs.


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    EmpowerMX announces successful implementation of Electronic Task Cards for a leading global airline

    January 12, 2017

    EmpowerMX today announced that it had successfully implemented and received FAA approval of FleetCycle® Electronic Task



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    EmpowerMX is a world leader in providing intelligent maintenance solutions for today’s aircraft.
    We are a global software company that creates innovative aviation maintenance solutions.

    Our FleetCycle® software solution with its modules enables customers to significantly improve their entire maintenance operation.

    Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, with offices in Europe and Far East, EmpowerMX is uniquely focused on the aircraft maintenance industry and is managed by aviation maintenance experts.




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